I was on the pot for at least 30 minutes.

I was starting to lose feeling in my dangling feet.

This was getting desperate.

“Wipe my bottom, pleeeeeeeease!” I yelled again as my voice faltered into despair.

Then my older sister burst through the door.

I could tell by her “energy” she didn’t want to be there.

“I don’t want you, I want mom!” I ordered, pointing at the door.

“Well, Mom has her hand in the meatloaf and she told me to do it. Move. Let me wipe.”

“No, I want Mom!”

“You think I wanna wipe your butt? Mom told me to do it! Come on, Anna – let’s get this over with.”

I allowed her to wipe me, but I was extremely disappointed. Who was running this s**t show?

It was shortly after it was made clear to me by my family that it was time for me to wipe my own bottom. It was an intervention of the worst kind and it was my first experience with true betrayal.

I resisted, but to no avail and the next few weeks were a bit rough. Things got a little messy. Shout was sprayed. Buns itched. I begged. A lot.

But eventually, by the grace of God, I learned how to do it – well – all by myself.

And I’m proud to announce that I have been wiping thoroughly and efficiently ever since.

And that’s the thing about us humans, really. We always figure it out.

Really, that’s the thing about nature. A tree will find a way to live fully within the tiniest cracks.

We were made this way.

It’s scary when we’re in uncharted territory. We beg. We can even get entitled, point fingers and expect someone else to do our dirty work.

But uncharted territory is a part of the territory. Might as well get the fear and the resistance and the whining and the itchy butt out of the way and get on with it.

I know it’s scary. To let go of the bar, or to make the move, to say yes or no, or sign up or enroll, or leap or put down the downpayment or file or step on to that train.

Just remember …

You’ll figure it out.

You have to. It’s the way you were made.


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    Photo Credit: Christian Braun