I fell so hard I actually got snow lodged into my goggles.

But the thing that really sent me over the edge was when snow got packed down my coat and somehow my bra.

I had what the ski crowd calls a “Yard Sale.” It’s when you biff it so hard, everything on you goes flying all over the mountain. My friend had to go around collecting my gear and my dignity.

“That’s it. I can’t. I’m trading this [BLEEPING] snowboard for skis.”

Famous last words, that sealed the fate of my snowboarding dreams.

See, I was a pretty good skier already, but I wanted to be a snowboarder. Frankly, snowboarders just look cooler and get to walk around in boots that don’t put them at bizarre angles like they’re cast in a Cirque Du Soleil show.

But then I fell. A lot. And then hard. Then got snow stuffed into my eyeballs. NOPE.

“I can’t.”

Actually, I can. In fact, I’m confident that if I would have just dedicated my week to getting back up every time I fell, I would probably still be snowboarding today. But falling is hard. It hurts. It’s embarrassing. It beats us up, causes doubt and makes heading down to the lodge to get a hot cocoa and unpack snow out of our bras sound real nice, actually.

I think “I can’t” has stolen more dreams than anything else. More than circumstances, broken parents or financial strain. More. Than. Anything.

We live in a world today where life’s a stage! A performance! It’s fakery that makes it all seem so easy.

So when we fall on our face and get snow packed into our bras, we start to wonder if maybe it’s a sham.

Maybe we were stupid for thinking we could do it.

Maybe, we actually can’t.

That’s fear’s biggest card it plays and it usually wins. Even though

we can.

We just have to get back up. And up. And up. And up.

Up. Up. Up.

Until we do.


In this week’s episode of It’s Not That Serious” my girl, Jill Krause of Baby Rabies fame proves it’s not as hard as you think (maybe harder) to say “I can” – but it’s so worth it, it burns!


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