Yes, I know having your sock continue to slip in your boot is pure hell.

Just like having your comforter bunch up at the bottom of a duvet.

Or when your underwire breaks free and pokes you in the armpit all. day. long.

Babies up crying all night.

And realizing you’re out of coffee.

And what about all that construction that bottlenecked your route to work, tho? 😳

It’s tragic.

But then there’s, you know, real, tragic tragedies.

And suddenly that undergrounder on your chin that won’t give up so much as a glimmer of hope … seems like …


Just like that mommy pooch that rests ever so nicely over our pants. Or that unexpected bill that swallowed up the vacation we were so looking forward to.

And we already bought a sarong!

It’ll be alright. I promise.

Bad, horrible things happen in this life – no one escapes it. But most of the time? They don’t. Sweating the big stuff AND the small stuff is a life full of sweating – which is a real problem since deodorant apparently gives us breast cancer.

So in the in-betweens, let’s make a commitment to laugh more. To lighten up. To stop getting so offended by a bunch of morons who have no idea what they’re talking about.

Let’s make a commitment to stop giving our joy away to political sound bites, 7 day shipping and slow WIFI.

Can we, please?

Because Joy? It’s more precious than rubies.

Or a really good babysitter.

Or socks that don’t slip in your boot.

Besides, we’re too cute to sweat (the small stuff) anyway.


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