Toddlers are THE WORST pastry sous chefs. Just dreadful.

And they’re bossy as hell.

“Let me crack da egg! My turn, my turn!”

Have you ever seen them crack an egg? They are truly terrible at it. Just stunning.

More flour ends up in their eye lashes, the floor and probably in your bra then in the mixing bowl.

They always fall off the chair they’re standing on. No warning.  Boom, gone. One minute they’re at the counter rubbing butter into your cookbook, the next, they’re laid out on the floor crying.

And don’t even get me started on their decorating skills!

But, I guess we don’t hire them to help us with baking cookies because of their glowing resumes.

It’s because we know it isn’t the cookie that counts, it’s the experience. We aren’t worried about the end result (well, most of the time), we’re focused on making memories. Also, because they’re so cute, it’s stupid.

Someday, and soon, I hope – I’ll realize it isn’t the end result that truly matters – it’s always the experience. No crying over cracked eggs, plumes of flour or spilled milk, either. Grace and laughter and practice – and more grace. Because egg shells are definitely gonna be all up in that batter at first.

And, the best part, I suspect, is that if we focus on the quality of the experience, the result will eventually take care of itself.

And could be better than we could have ever imagined.


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