I’m very sad to inform all of you, I didn’t win the lottery last night.

I’m a smidge embarrassed to admit I spent a lot of mental capital day dreaming about what I’d do with all those dollah dollah bills y’all.

I even got out a calculator and figured out how much I’d have to pay in taxes and fees. Then I broke it down: the percentage I’d donate, the percentage I’d give to family, the percentage I’d invest and the percentage I’d blow on grassfed beef and a new Range Rover.

You know, the usual.

Then my thoughts got a bit darker. My state doesn’t allow you to be anonymous. Would our family be safe? Would we have to go hideout somewhere? For how long? Poppy hates sleeping in hotels, this was gonna suck. We’d need a lawyer. How do you find a lawyer you can really, like really – trust?

And do they just, you know – put a billion dollars in your checking account? Is it smart to break it up between banks? I started Googling “how to set up a Swiss bank account.” Jesus, take the wheel!

What about my relationships?

Could they survive it?

How would my extended family respond? Will I have 3rd cousins Facebook friending me in droves?

What about my writing? Would I be as motivated, as driven to put my work out into the world or would I end up like Scott Disick, just walkin’ around all rich all day without much else goin on?

Would it hurt my marriage?

Sure, the money would eliminate A LOT of stress, but only by replacing it with a bunch of different kinds of stress. Like life threatening, relationship ruining, predators flocking all over our carcus, kinda stress.

And whatever you do, don’t Google lottery depression and suicide rates, it’s a real buzzkill.

Of course, I’d be different. We’d be smart. We’d win the lottery, the right way.


The perils of the lottery winner is what I call The Curse of the Premature Blessing.

Receiving a blessing when you aren’t ready, isn’t a blessing at all, really. It’s a curse.

It might make you feel good to give an 11 year old a car, but you’ll feel real bad about it when they crash into a light pole.

The “blessing” when you aren’t ready, when you aren’t prepared, when you aren’t mature, or spiritually grounded will at the very best – not last long. At the very worst? Ruin you.

So I stopped trying to rush my destiny. I stopped trying to rush the blessing. I stopped trying to rush the book deals, big speaking gigs and even all the money that could get me that grass fed beef without having to triple check my budget.

I pray for my destiny everyday. But trust – I only want what I’m ready receive.

So, we didn’t win the lottery. I say pop the champagne


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