This is my baby girl about a year ago. She had decided she was done hanging out with all of us on the deck, moseyed back inside, slammed the door, and then immediately got pissed she was shut out.

Which is sort of like me when my husband asks if he can bring me home something to eat and I say no and then he walks in the house empty handed.

What did I think was going to happen? At any rate –

In my family, we call this picture “Poppy Farley” and we text it to each other if we’re in need of a good laugh. Works every time. I laugh and laugh like it’s my first time ever seeing it and then almost like magic, whatever was wrong is suddenly no big whoop.

What’s really funny about this picture is that my baby really looks nothing like this. It’s hilariously unflattering. It’s a quick snippet in time, frozen. It’s real, but not actually real because I didn’t give birth to anyone who looks like Chris Farley as Boss Baby.

There’s a picture one of my nephews took several holidays ago, where if you look real close, I’m in the background, hunched over, putting a dish in the dishwasher and I looked like John Goodman in a wig and a Christmas dress. I dwelled on that thing for at least two months.

Is that really ME?! Is that what I ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE doing the dishes?

No, not really.

I hope.

Now, allow me to just make a teeny weeny point. Our lives are often made up of quick snippets. Sometimes our brains will flash these snippets to us and we think it’s real. A degrading comment from a superior, a failed project or business. A rejection, a betrayal, a embarrassing moment that still makes us cringe.

Snippets aren’t our identity. They really aren’t who we are, what we look like, and how we serve the world. They are out of context, at a bad angle and real bad lighting. Feel free to take it or leave it, definitely don’t dwell on it and if you want, pull it out once in awhile and have a good laugh.

Just whatever you do, don’t believe it.


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