But I’m not not saying that either.

I don’t know what happened.

One minute we’re relaxing after putting the girls to bed and the next minute I’m catching a second wind like a wild stallion running through the plains.

Rob even got in the car and got us 44 oz Diet Pepsis (I can’t quit you Aspartame) and I ran into the laundry room and ripped open the giant bag of Halloween candy I was hiding until the holiday.

I felt so frenzied, so wild-eyed.

Wanna watch a movie?


Wanna watch another one?


Want another Almond Joy?


“Oh my god, Anna – it’s almost 3 AM.”

We looked at each other in pure horror.

Covered in candy wrappers. Like, an ungodly amount of candy wrappers.

I’m gonna have to buy more candy for Halloween and that crap ain’t cheap.

The girls were going to be up in 4 hours. We had church to go to shortly after.


We were partying, foot loose and fancy like teenagers. Except the nerdy ones who just watch movies and eat Reeces Peanut Butter Cups until 4 AM.

But I don’t get to sleep in till noon, so this is gonna suck.

I woke up dazed and bloated. We missed church. I had a few regrets.

But then I got over it.

If you’re disciplined, most of the time.

If you eat well, most of the time.

If you go to bed on time, most of the time –

and work hard to build a life for you and your family …

Sometimes you gotta just tear open that bag of candy and watch the damn movies and drink a Diet Pepsi that’s bigger than your head.

No regrets. No guilt. Just life.

Lived well … most of the time.


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