Lucy likes to follow mother/daughter pairs around at the park, like she’s an orphan.

It’s a little embarrassing, if I can be honest. What I’d like to do is just relax on the park bench, not be on alert because my baby girl is trying to hitch a ride with some other family.

Most moms are sweet to her, but it would break my heart if they were annoyed or like, “Uh, where’s your mom kid, this is getting weird.” So I usually make myself known. “Hi, I’m her mom. Is she bothering you? I’m sorry, she just loves new friends.” More often than not this sparks up conversation. One particular mom and I had a lot in common. We both worked from home, found it nearly impossible to get out of our robes before noon, and won’t go out the door without eyeliner and mascara, but we aren’t above pajama bottoms in public if things get desperate. We had marriages to protect, children to raise, mortgages to pay. We were kind in spirit and just wanted to live our very best, happiest life – and create the same for our family.

Then, as we both walked to our cars I noticed she had a political bumper sticker that was the opposite of my politics. It surprised me, a little. If we had known each other’s politics before Lucy brought us together by park’s swings, would we have bonded so easily? Would we have discovered we had so much in common? Would have even talked at all, or just sat there – judging and hating each other?

Real talk – some people are completely nuts. Some are broken and mean, violent or volatile. Super selfish, crude and cruel.

But most of us, are just at the park, with our babies, praying for a safe and kind world for our children.

Money to pay for dinner and if we’re lucky, a nice vacation.

We want to feel worthy of love. We’ll open a door for a stranger, buy someone’s groceries in front of us who we can tell doesn’t have enough in their wallet.

I promise you that if this election doesn’t go your way, the world won’t end. And I know this, because despite what you read on social media – that woman you think you despise is really more like you than your fear will allow you to admit.


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