Which is why I’m baffled I continue to try these tactics with my husband who doesn’t replace the toilet paper.

Getting my Masters in Interpersonal Communication, I learned a lot about persuasion. If you want to win the heart and mind of someone who has opposing views as you, be shrewd about it for cripes sake! You might be mad as hell, but don’t let that stop you from logic, respect and kindness. You know, see them as human. Their ego may not allow them to concede in the moment, but your ability to not be a buttface leaves a lasting impression. They chew on it, they consider it. At the very least, they’ll respect it. Eventually they may just see things your way.

I was bored and made the catastrophic mistake of attempting an adult conversation in two separate red and blue political threads. From both sides, someone inevitably responded to me with sarcasm and ruthless mocking. Listen ya’ll, my kid is yelling from the bathroom for me to help them wipe, I ain’t got time to be bullied.

If you want people to withdraw from the conversation, stop listening and cancel your vote – by all means, be mean.

But for those of us tired of this crap , let’s get radical and try something new.

Who knows, maybe someday you’ll sit down and see the toilet paper replaced.


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