God didn’t create the giraffe and then call up all his friends and family asking for their opinions.

“Do you think I over did it on the giraffe’s neck? I know you keep saying ‘it looks fine,’ but like – when you say ‘fine’, I  just can’t help but feel like you have reservations, otherwise you would have said ‘This giraffe’s neck looks awesome!’ you know? I mean, it’s okay,  you’re right. I’ll shorten the neck. It’s weird. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

No. He created the mystically captivating giraffe – and called it good.

Creators (that’s all of us) tend to overcomplicate things. That’s what fear and high waisted skinny jeans does to us.

It makes us a smidge insecure.

Not so sure.

Hanging on a whim or some other person’s opinion.

Eventually, when we’ve had quite enough of throwing our pearls to a bunch of overly opinionated swine, we’ll just stop creating altogether.

That’s because we got the process all wrong. The rhythm isn’t right. We’ve over complicated it.

Go to Genesis Ch. 1. Soooo simple.

God created.

God called it good.

God rested.

Now, go to your diary.

Man creates.

Man calls it crap.

Man keeps trying until she burns out, gets mildly depressed, then quits.

In no particular order.

No one gets to tell the creator if what they created is good, so save yourself the grief.

The creator decides. Period.

Isn’t that freeing?

If you answered the call – the prompting –  if  you created what your heart was bursting to bring forth – if your words or actions or money, loved and healed and educated or made someone else say “Oh, thank God – me too” and feel that much less lonely –

Then your work is done.

Now, time to rest.


Envision something new. Maybe better. Maybe different.

Move on.

All the giraffe neck haters are just gonna have to keep on hatin’ – cuz sister, it’s all good.



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