Ever had an idea – inspiration – a vision – that just won’t leave you alone?

I mean, it just NAGS.

What are you supposed to do about it? How could you possibly do that thing without the time, the money, the resources, the support, the …………….

And, yet – there it is. That vision. On your back like a baby monkey.

That’s what visions do. They grip you. It doesn’t leave you alone.

But here’s the thing about it.

If you ignore it long enough –

If you reject it long enough –

it’ll pack its bag and look for someone else to form it into being.

And that’s what terrifies me.

As much as I can barely tolerate my vision hovering over me like my laundry sitting in the washer about to get all mildewed – I’m even more terrified of it leaving me.

(unlike laundry, it doesn’t stick around long enough to get mildewed)