Living our best life while simultaneously not taking life too seriously is my heart song.

When I started HaHas for HooHas, I wanted to make people laugh and in turn spark joy and hope. A lot of people don’t know this about me, but before I started the site, I actually worked at a university and received my Master’s degree in Interpersonal Communication, focusing on women and self-esteem. I was about to begin a PhD program to become a Psychologist when I wrote a story about a fart and no one took me seriously again. I rode that wave for as a long as I could, but then settled down, dusted off that old degree off and worked overtime to give it some purpose. So, I guess instead of focusing on the joke, I was fully ready to focus on the person – and then add some jokes. Whatever – MY POINT IS – I’m going next level and I know so many of you are too.

I’ve been trained under some of the best, most incredible teachers and life-coaches in the world, including Jamel Davenport (he coached Rob Kardashian – if you’ve seen those episodes then you know he’s incredibly intuitive and DREAMY), Sandi Krakowski and the life-coaches of some of today’s top spiritual teachers including Danielle LaPorte (listed as one of Oprah’s Super Soul 100).

So, if you’ll have me, I’d like to teach what I’ve learned so maybe we can all go next level together. Ready? This is just the beginning …

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