The “It’s Not That Serious Podcast” presents the “Walk With Me” series, hosted by Anna Lind Thomas. Welcome!

Each episode is crafted as a perfect companion for walks you and I will take together. I’m doing my very best to entertain you, make you laugh, inspire you and make walking our new favorite thing to do together! We walk together 3xWeek for 3 weeks.

This is a 40 minute walk. In our second episode Anna reads excerpts from two chapters, Chubby Kids Laugh Last and Eat First and Merle, My Period and Me. Anna wrote Chubby kids to set the scene for the entire book and how one incident of bullying changed the trajectory of her life. I could read like a tragic story, but it was actually just what she needed to be the woman she is today. Then we pivot the My Period, Merle and Me for LOTS of laughs. Walk, laugh, be inspired. Subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!

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