The “It’s Not That Serious Podcast” presents the “Walk With Me” series, hosted by Anna Lind Thomas. Each episode is crafted as a perfect companion for walks you and I will take together. I’m doing my very best to entertain you, make you laugh, inspire you and make walking our new favorite thing to do together! We walk together 3xWeek for 3 weeks.

This is a 40 minute walk. In our third walk together Anna reads excerpts from two chapters, “You’re Welcome Lady Gaga” and “We’ll Laugh About This … Someday.”  It’s true, Anna does have a bizarre connection to Lady Gaga, but the deeper message from this chapter is the desperate need to be liked and the one way Anna overcame this huge obstacle in her life in order to be prepared for greater responsibilities and opportunities in her life. Then she gives you a tease from the chapter when she gets lost in the Redwoods and literally thinks she might die. 

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