Anna BDay Present FB Upload

Yesterday on September 28th, I turned 34.


It’s actually one of those boring age birthdays that’s no big whoop somewhere in the middle of life, but I thought, “What if I made this THE BEST YEAR EVER!?”

My first stop to making it the best year ever, I decided to order Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear as a little gift to myself for my birthday. Although I think I live creatively fairly fearlessly (say that 5 times fast), I love a good kick in the butt motivational book to help me optimize my creative output all while nourishing my soul. Living life on purpose takes serious dedication. It’s easy to get off track, side step and follow distractions. Also, I wouldn’t recommend getting addicted to all of the reality shows on right now about little people. There are a lot of them (Little Women LA?! Little People Big World?!) and they’re a real time suck, trust me.

So then I thought, maybe I should order two and give one away to a fan? So I did! I haven’t read it yet so don’t get mad if the book sucks, but let’s be honest – it’s gonna be amazing.

If I could, I’d pull an Oprah and put one under your couch right now, but my budget is a tad smaller. I have one extra book to give away and I’ll put a little personal note inside before I send it off. I hope we can email back and forth about it and encourage each other along the way!

If you want to throw in your hat to win, click link below that reads “a Rafflecopter giveaway” and fill out the giveaway widget. Hooray!

a Rafflecopter giveaway