Yeah, sorry. That title’s a little dramatic. But trees are bare and it’s cold and plants are looking real pathetic right about now. But the good and bad news is that spring will eventually come and some of us need to grow into something new and if I made that the title none of you would read this.

I know the week after Thanksgiving is a bad time to talk about growing. If you’re like me, you’ve had to suffer sleep in tight pajamas, and my friends, that’s real bleak. But I just gotta talk about it. It’s time to grow. And to purchase some more forgiving pajamas.

We’re made to grow, to evolve, to move towards something, to be a useful participant in [fill in your own blank]. Stuck is no good. Stuck is depressing. Stuck is hopeless. Stuck in no man’s land. Stuck is – not really terribly bad most of the time. That’s why I tend to stay there longer than I should. But man, it’s a bit soul sucky. After awhile it’s boring and meaningless and feels like that tail end of Keeping Up with the Kardashians marathon. There has to more to life than this.

We gotta get unstuck.

Sometimes we outgrow things we really love. Friendships, careers, volunteer work, hobbies, websites, old dreams. And that’s terribly painful at worst and super awkward at best. That’s why most of us don’t leave what we’ve outgrown – we were safe and content then, and even if we aren’t now, there is still the memory of it. And maybe past memories are better than uncertain unknowns?

But it’s not. We were made to grow. And when we don’t, something cries in our soul that only so much Reddi-wip shots straight into our mouths will satisfy.

Winter is nature’s sign to me that some things in my life are dead (or at least dormant) and if they aren’t in line with God’s vision for my life then I need to let them go. It doesn’t mean they weren’t good or beautiful. They fed me and nourished me and taught me for a time. But now the leaves are gone and something new is getting ready to bloom so it’s time to go inside and sit by the fire and start envisioning the calling so I’m ready for it when it arrives. The bummer is that all the people who really liked my dead stuff might go too. And that doesn’t feel great. But it’s also not my problem. The deep seeded instinct that’s telling me that spring will be here before I know it, knows nothing of the art of dilly dally, which unfortunately is a hallmark feature of my personality.

Most of you know me as the girl who wrote the fart story, or the founder of HaHas for HooHas. Or maybe you don’t know me, you just know the eCards you saw shared around the Internet. But that woman, that dream, that vision went into a long season of winter. I saw it’s bare branches, but I still remembered and latched on to when they were in full bloom. I had to get myself out of the bare, dead season because nature was waiting for me to grow into something new. And for so long, I refused to grow. Inevitably three things can happen – go dormant until forever (not good), something pushes us out of the nest like a mama eagle while we scream like idiots (not great), or you finally just open the door and step through with some courage. The last option is less jarring, but way harder than it looks. It feels a bit uncomfortable and raw which is why you’ll probably need a large vat of spiritual Neosporin to get you through.

You gotta prune to bloom and that requires shears and cutting things off and I like things perfectly in tact thank you very much. But the reality is, nature is all about losing in order to gain. Things need to be trimmed off, cut down, burned and buzzed so it can actually grow into the fullness of what it’s meant to be. It’s scary, but it’s necessary and it is what it is so we might as well get on with it.

When I started HooHas, I wanted to make people laugh and in turn spark joy and hope. A lot of people don’t know this about me, but before I started the site, I actually worked at a university and received my Master’s degree in Interpersonal Communication, focusing on women and self-esteem. I was about to begin a PhD program to become a Psychologist when I wrote a story about a fart and no one took me seriously again. I rode that wave for as a long as I could, but then settled down, dusted off that old degree off and worked overtime to give it some purpose. So, I guess instead of focusing on the joke, I was fully ready to focus on the person – and then add some jokes. Whatever – MY POINT IS – I’m going next level and I know so many of you are too.

I’ve been trained under some of the best, most incredible teachers and life-coaches in the world, including Jamel Davenport (he coached Rob Kardashian – if you’ve seen those episodes then you know he’s incredibly intuitive and DREAMY), Sandi Krakowski and the life-coaches of some of today’s top spiritual teachers including Danielle LaPorte (listed as one of Oprah’s Super Soul 100).

So, if you’ll have me, I’d like to teach what I’ve learned so maybe we can all go next level together. Ready? This is just the beginning …

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