“I’m gonna bloom in your face.” ~ Sandra, the sassy ass rose in my garden.

I’ll admit, when the freak hail storm hit and destroyed my garden, I was crying over my vegetables, not the rose bush that had all but disappeared other than two scrawny sticks.

I get it, roses are beautiful. But at what cost? They’re thorny and angry and when I walk away bloody trying to help them, it really hurts my feelings.

But here’s Sandra, all hot pink and sassy. The storm was brief, scary and devastating (it totaled my husband’s car 😐), but Sandra didn’t get the memo she was supposed to quit. Or die. Or wither about, complaining.

All she knew is that she still had a little life left, and she was gonna be Sandra.

Like the sparrow I wrote about a few weeks ago – nature doesn’t know anything about quitting. Like us, it can’t choose self-destructive alternatives. It’s not afraid of failure. Nothing is a waste of time. It arrives when it’s supposed to, in due season. In the meantime, it will fight to be the utmost expression of what it was meant to be.

Even if it was pummeled and stripped bare.

After being extremely focused on my health, I saw this morning that I had gained 4 lbs. I swore a lot and thought maybe I just needed to poop or cut my hair off. I Googled, and self-diagnosed myself with both hypo- and hyperthyroidism, a genetically inept metabolism and 20 lbs of water retention.

I didn’t have to poop, though.

I cried a little.

In the end, I vowed to be like the sassy ass rose named Sandra.