One of our favorite stories in our family is when my niece was in Awana and all the kids stood in a circle and were asked to share their name and any nicknames if they had one.

When it was Abby’s turn, she said “my name is Abby and my nicknames are Berry, Berry Berry Kix and God’s Gift to All Mankind.


In our family we don’t have nicknames per se, we just shout out whatever our heart says in the moment, you can ask my girls, Lu Lu Luby Tuesday’s and Pop bop ba lu bop ba lop bam boom.

“Gods Gift to All Mankind” didn’t really roll off the tongue, but it certainly rang true.

And it’s as true for me. Or you. Or even your neighbor you can’t stand. Or the guy in accounting you’ve already judged for wearing capris.

Some of us didn’t have someone to tell us this truth. Some of us did and we didn’t believe them. Some of us have an inkling, but are too scared to do anything about it.

It doesn’t make it any less true.

In fact, I would recommend we all try to make that our own nickname, if it wasn’t for the fact self-proposed nicknames never stick. Trust me, no one has ever respected my wishes and called me A-Diggity. Lord knows, I’ve tried!

At any rate, in case you needed to hear it, Captain Crunch – you’ve been given gifts and mankind needs you.

This knowing doesn’t make you arrogant, it makes you quite humble when you realize how much work you have ahead of you.

But before you got all full of yourself, calm down. Since we’re all special, you’re really not special at all.

So may I gently recommend we all get over ourselves?

It’s just who shows up for their life and who doesn’t. If you choose to use what the good Lord gave ‘ya to love others, then that’s the point. It’s always been the only point.

That’s it. Nothing fancy. Look around you. People are needy for love and connection. No one cares about your self-doubt and fear.

Just show up.

You’re not all that special, but I hope you’ll at least be brave.

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