When smart phones first started to become popular it was a dark time for teens and adult children. Trying to teach my parents meant having to nearly levitate in a monk like state just to get through the simplest of instructions.
“Anna, where’s the Google at?”
“What do you mean, where’s the Google?”
“I thought these things came with Google!”
“It does, but that’s a weird way of saying it.”
“I don’t see it anywhere.”
“You Google through your web browser, Safari.”
“What? What the hell are you talking about?”
“Oh god, do you think the Internet is called Google!?”
“I don’t like your tone, young lady. Put Rob on the phone.”
Finally, after nearly a decade, both of my parents have gotten pretty good with their Googles and let me tell you something, they have less technology manners than a 12 year old girl Snap Chatting with the cutest boy in school. One time Mom checked her texts while I was crying to her about my how my pajama pants were tight and my Dad plays solitaire at the dinner table! But that rant is for another time.
This makes me wonder. What technology is going to make me feel stupid, and I’ll eventually use without manners, when I’m older?
“Sweetheart – I was just roasting a chicken in this virtual reality sequence and I can’t turn the oven on …”
“Ugh, Mom. We went over this already – are you using the special VR gloves that came with your new iPhone?”
“Oh, is that what those are? I thought those were complimentary hand warmers. In any case, I don’t like your tone. There was a time I had to teach you how to wipe your butt, and let me tell you – you weren’t an A+ student. Now tell me how to start the oven and use a sweeter tone while you do it.”
I guess this is what evolution looks now. Who knew?
Forever yours,