My girls have been competing over my attention and affection lately.

Like at dinner, I have to sit in the middle of them so they can both “sit by mommy!”

At restaurants, Rob’s all footloose and fancy with a whole booth to himself, meanwhile I can’t move my freakin’ elbows while trying to dodge Poppy’s ketchup fingers. It’s really precious in a “semi-controlling, this is more about competing with my sister than my true love for my mother” sort of way.

But sometimes I just gotta BREATHE. And the way I’ve been doing that is by putting on running shoes and running right out the door …

… breathing a little too heavily for what should be considered safe, tbh …

… and about 5 minutes in, I start wondering why I’m not “unplugging” at a coffee shop with a good book because I run like a center lineman who picked up a fumbled football.

It doesn’t matter. I gotta unplug sometimes. Girls, it’s healthy to miss your mama! Babe, it’s good to miss your wife! No regrets, no negotiating, no guilt. BYEEEEEEEEEE.

I’ve decided to start training for a half-marathon this year and a full marathon next year (I’ll tell you why tomorrow). Training started last week and I’m already elevating an iced leg (again, tomorrow.)

Shin splints or possible stress fracture aside – when your modem isn’t working what is the first thing the tech rep asks?

“Did you unplug it?”

Yesterday my iPhone just died out of the blue. Never happened to me before, it might as well have been a puppy I was so distraught. I pressed all the buttons I was supposed to press – nothing. At the Apple store, the kid took my phone, pressed top, bottom and right – and sure enough – it lit up.

“It’s rare, but sometimes they just need to reset,” he said.

The same goes for me. The same goes for you. If you feel like you just can’t anymore –


Then light up.

It’s good for the people we love to miss us.

*Thank you Anne Lamott for the brilliant quote