Meet Anna

Oh, Hi There.

My name is Anna Lind Thomas. I’m a humor writer from Omaha, Nebraska and founder of the successful humor website for women, HaHas for HooHas. Although HooHas will forever be in my heart, even wonderful things must be pruned so a life’s vision can grow (pretty sure I saw that on some cross stitching). My mission is to prove there is an abundance of outrageous hope and joy to be had in a new social media world that tempts us all to take things a smidge too seriously. I believe laughter is the most powerful tool God gave us to survive any sort of life worth living. I plan to work this weapon down to a nub!

After receiving my Bachelors degree in Advertising, I spent many years copywriting and creating campaigns in ad departments. One day, I packed up and left for the opportunity to work closely with college students in California where I received my Masters Degree in Interpersonal Communication. I wrote an award winning thesis on hookup culture and the emotional effects on women. Then I wrote a story about a fart that went viral and no one took me seriously ever again.

I co-host The Anna and Susannah Show,  a hilarious and popular Christian podcast that consistently ranks in the top 25 in the iTunes Family section with writer and Internet celeb Susannah Lewis. I’m a freelance writer at Babble and also have my own column in the Momaha and Living sections at the Omaha World Herald.

My hope and purpose is to inspire women while making them laugh until they pee a little. Fortunately, many of them are moms with significant bladder control issues, so it’s really not that hard to do. My speaking and written work are often tailored to suit Christian and/or secular audiences.

I’m a “hot wife” to my husband Rob and a “hot mom” to my daughters Lucy and Poppy. My words, not theirs.

I’m represented by Erin Niumata of Folio Literary agency.