Meet Anna

My name is Anna Lind Thomas. I’m a humor writer from Omaha, Nebraska and founder of the viral humor website for women, HaHas for HooHas. HooHas is now retired but not forgotten because I have it tattoo’d on my lower back.

That last part’s a joke. Or is it?

Now I write personal humor essays. Or if I’m in a real salty mood, just personal essays.

I have had several essays (I feel like I’m saying the word essay too much?) go viral including The Fart that (Almost) Altered My Destiny, Life’s Too Short for Crappy Friends, and Dear Idiots Who Don’t Notice My Baby.

I’m currently writing a book for Harper Collins/Nelson Books Publishing to be released in 2021. It will be the funniest, most satisfying book you ever read or I’m going to die trying.

A few key points about me:

Underwear: Cheap, loose, breathable cotton 5 packs from Target. Sorry, life’s too short, Victoria Secret.

Life Philosophy #1: Most things end up funny, eventually.

Life Philosophy #2: So then maybe the secret to a happy life is just not taking it too seriously. Sweating the big stuff AND the small stuff is a life full of sweating, which is a real problem since deodorant apparently gives us breast cancer.

Coffee: With cream. Always.

Books: Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. Her chapter on jealousy has gotten me through the darkest, most self-absorbed and cattiest times of my life.

TV: Schitt’s Creek, Grace & Frankie all day long.

Movies: Anything Christopher Guest.

I’ve been married to Rob for over a decade, the man who married me after I farted in his Mustang. We have two precious darlings, Lucy and Poppy. And a beloved English Bulldog named Bruno – my old man baby sausage.

I’m represented by Erin Niumata of Folio Literary agency.