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Hi, my name is Anna. I’m a humor writer. Not so long ago, I founded a ridiculous website for women called HaHas for HooHas.

After receiving my Bachelors degree in Advertising, I spent many years copywriting and creating campaigns at ad agencies. One day, I packed up and left for the opportunity to work closely with college students at a small university. I received my Master’s Degree in Communication Studies and wrote my thesis on Hookup Culture and the emotional effects on women.

Then I wrote a story about a fart that went viral and no one took me seriously ever again.

I created this space when I feel like getting all deep and real. We all have gifts, and I think – a purpose for being here. My personal blog is about chasing that dream like a crazy person. I try to update this space as much as I can, but you can follow me on Facebook it get all my latest updates on my writing endeavors around the web.

I’m a freelance writer at Babble and also have my own column in the MOMAHA and Living sections at the Omaha World Herald.

I’m also a “hot wife” to my husband Rob and a “hot mom” to my daughter Lucy and English Bulldog, Bruno. My words, not theirs.

Wanna chat me up? Do it to it here:


9 Comments on “About Anna

  1. Hello Anna, I have been a big fan of farts since I heard my first one and I love your fart story. I forgot what it was like to laugh for about 7 years now. Thank you. Very impressive writing skills, I am afraid to type because of my typo’s and being a failed Mavis Beacon student and a linguistic idiot but it is humor so it’s all good.

    Thank you again,
    Ernest Federici

    • Hey Ernest! So glad you loved the story. It was a silly one and I could have never anticipated how it would take off. Thanks for stopping by to say hello and encourage me!

      • Thank you Anna, I am inspired. Although I have been using social media since it’s inception I am not a blog or Twitter person but I am now.

  2. Awesome. I’m an aspiring writer myself. I call myself a freelancer, which is simply code for “unemployed.” Your style is amazing; graceful, yet incredibly smart. If your blog gets more than 19 hits a day (like mine) then you’ve “won the internet” as far as I’m concerned 🙂

    • I am new to the blog world so I am learning. Thank you for the kind and inspirational reply jgunderson85.

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  5. Hi Anna,
    I have to tell you I totally cracked up about your fart story. I laughed so hard I was in pain, you are so hilarious. Good luck with the book. I’ll be anxious to read it.
    Angela Moore

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