1:  I’m enjoying this pregnancy much less than my first, mostly because that first baby is making everything about this pregnancy suck more. That’s okay.

2:  One day you might realize you no longer have anything in common with your closest friend. That’s okay. (And someday, you might find you do again. That’s okay too.)

3:  I took my nurse practitioner to task on something that I disagreed with, then burst into hormonal sobby cries that went on WAY too long when she pushed back. Now I feel vulnerable like I got drunk on our first date or something. Whatever, it’s okay.

4:  I don’t like spending time with people who love talking, but don’t listen. That’s okay.

5:  I thought I’d just take one bite of a monster cookie and save the rest for my husband, then proceeded to inhale that delicious S.O.B in less than 30 seconds. That’s okay, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

6:  I believe in God. I know he’s not a Genie. I like to pray like He is. That’s okay, I’m working on it.

7:  At 9 months pregnant, I’ve stopped picking things off the floor, then get resentful a bunch of crap’s all over the floor. That’s ok.

8:  I want the people who’ve hurt me to fail miserably in life, and forgiveness from those I’ve hurt. Grace is a spiritual practice, I’m working on it – it’s okay.

9:  I don’t want to be a smart business woman, I just want to be a writer. That’s okay.

10:  Sometimes I care way too much about “Likes.” That’s okay, thankfully there are times I don’t care at all.

11:  Sexy underwear to me is cotton, full coverage undies that don’t give me a muffin top. It’s okay.

12:   If I’m struggling, sometimes I have a hard time celebrating someone else’s triumph, so I have to disconnect for awhile. I always come back eventually. It’s okay.

13:  I don’t see what the big deal is about Star Wars. Dear God, I hope that’s okay.

14:  Everyday I worry I might fail. That’s okay. I do what I was put her on earth to do anyway.