i write. i try. i laugh. i cry.


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Hi, I'm Anna.

I’m a Writer, Humorist and Ex-Life Coach who sometimes helps people feel a bit better about things.

(And yes, I'm the girl who wrote the fart story. (Google it))

I think life is better laughed at. Find hilarious, thought provoking and ill-advised takes on parenting, marriage, style, food and faith.


(Real Life)style

Anna writes about real life from ill advised anecdotes on daily life, family, food and the soul.



It's Not That Serious

Pursuing joy in yesterday's makeup. Bonus: Listening makes the dishes suck less.



Word Up Club

A lifestyle club for women hungry to learn, laugh and shine their light in the world.


(Real Life)style

Finally a lifestyle blog that doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself.


A dose of daily life from including style, health and wellness.


Hilarious, thought provoking and ill-advised takes on parenting, marriage and family life.


Watch Anna bake and brave new recipes. If you want to feel good about your skills in the kitchen, this will make you feel much better.


For my soul sisters who know there’s more to life than life’s mundane routines and spraying Shout on your kid’s skid marked undies.

I write daily, unless I forget.

Fine! Come and get your love! (Cuz y’all are gonna need it)

Moments before Rob caught this pic with Bruno, I was trying to read a book on my Kindle app, resting...
February 24, 2020

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes.

My girls have been competing over my attention and affection lately. Like at dinner, I have to sit in the...
February 18, 2020

In retrospect, I might have a hard time letting things go.

TALK WITH TODDLERS AT YOUR OWN RISK ME: Poppy, how come you don’t like Jumping for Jesus? (Yes, at her...
February 17, 2020

The Word Up Club

A lifestyle club for women hungry to learn, laugh and shine their light in the world.


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