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Live and in-demand workshops, tools and coaching so you can thrive in all areas of your life.






We're not that complicated. We want more joy and less stress in every area of our life.

But we just can't get your crap together because ...

Life's a big fat stress bomb.

It’s time we stop reacting to life’s crappy demands and start becoming the boss around here. How? Create a vision for each area of your day and each area of your heart’s desire. I’ll show you how.

Life's a smidge boring and mundane.

Everyone craves a purpose filled life, because we were made for a purpose. There’s more to life than spraying Shout on your kid’s skid marked undies – let’s start choosing adventure together.

Taking care of our mind, body and soul is harder than it looks.

Most of us have bad habits. And those bad habits have ruled our lives, making us stuck, stressed, out of control and unhappy. It is absolutely possible to replace bad habits with new ones. I’ll show you how.

We need a blessing, like yesterday.

But more importantly, we want to be a blessing. There’s always going to be something to worry about, but when we focus on loving and blessing others rather than our troubles – a miracle happens and our needs get met. Let’s step out in faith now.

The Word Up Club has everything you need to help reduce

the stress in your life.


Rev up more purpose.


Less surviving and lots more thriving.


Think of it like as life coaching meets a big party where 

kids aren’t invited.



Live, archived and in-demand workshops that will instantly help you live on purpose, get your crap together and begin living your ideal life.



Belong to an exclusive sisterhood, make life long friends, and find champions who will support you, pray over you, laugh with you, cry with you and help you become the woman you’re meant to be.



From recipes, to wallpapers, to courses, devotionals and constant giveaways, you can expect to have fun and get a little spoiled.


Your first workshop is the first life changing step towards success
in all areas of your life.


Without a vision, the people will perish. ~Proverbs

Much of our suffering is self-induced and it’s because we’re often so overwhelmed, operating in survival mode, we lack any sort of vision for an ideal life. Anna will help you learn how to vision map, a blueprint that shows you how to create a vision for your day, your dream, your relationships, your holidays, your vacation – WHATEVER.

We don’t have to react, we get to respond and create a wonderful life in real time. I’ll show you how.

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With new workshops each and every month, plus and entire year’s worth of archived workshops.

Here’s what’s trending now.

Vision mapping has literally changed my life. The Get Your Crap Together Workshop was amazing. My home and work life have never been better. I'm amazed!!
Danelle S.,

Your Plan for an Ideal Life

Get Access

Get instant access now. And here’s the best part, if you can’t afford our suggested donation (or can afford more), you can name your own price within your budget. No one will be turned away for being unable to pay – please contact us separately to see if you qualify for a free membership.

Watch the Workshops

Starting with the Vision Map Blueprint, we then encourage you to watch and engage with workshops most relevant to you. Each month is a new theme, with new live workshops, coffee talks, challenges and hangs. You’ll never stop learning, growing and achieving.

Win, Win, Win - Together

Have a blast in our online community known as “the sisterhood” where you will be supported as you learn the skills in mind, body and spirit, to live your ideal life.


at a glance

Exclusive Online Workshops

Each month we host learning workshops either live, prerecorded or through webinars you will have easy access to. Grab your pen and paper, we about to learn up in here!

Loving, Supportive Community

Welcome to the sisterhood! The love, support and sense of friendship and community is one of our group’s best assets. Get prepared to get loved up on, prayed for and inspired by fellow sisters!

Devotionals & Meditations

Anna regularly posts devotionals, meditations, inspiration and motivational posts that jive with the current’ month’s theme. In the members area, you’ll be able to download two 21 Day devotionals, New Life Resolution and Boss Lady on to your devices free.

Archived Content

Gain access to a delightful archive of workshops, trainings, courses, daily meditations, book clubs, exclusive podcasts and more!

Joy Challenges

Inspiration is nothing more than good feelings without tangible tools! Each month we will hold each other accountable to a new challenge that will help us enhance and enrich our lives and the lives of those around us. Progress = Happiness!

Goodies Up the Wazoo

You’ll instantly get free access to a free courses from Anna and former life coach Sarah Crockett, wallpapers, daily devo books and more.

Ogle These Bonus Goodies

Word Up Wallpapers

Keep the month's verses top of mind.

Every month, we love to gift our members with custom wallpapers to put on their phones and devices to help us meditate on the Word and stay focused.


New Life Resolution 21 Day Devotional Series

by Anna Lind Thomas and Susannah Lewis

As part of you membership, enjoy a free digital eBook of this 21 day devotional, New Life Resolution.


21 Day Audio Series

BEST.YEAR.EVAH! is a 21 day series for women who are ready to live their most wonderful life. Grounded in biblical principles and scripture, Anna will lead you through a life changing 21 days complete with transcripts and downloadable exercises. This course is available for purchase for $47, but is free for all Word Up Members.



Most people know me for my humor writing or my viral essays, especially the farting one (google it).

But what most people don’t know is I worked in life coaching and got my Master’s degree in Interpersonal Studies. I was enrolling to get my PhD in counseling when I decided to take a massive risk and go for my dream – to be a writer. My husband was like 😐

But sometimes (okay, all the time), I miss my life coaching days.

I want to enjoy my life so bad y’all, you don’t even know. And I know I’m not alone.

I want to still feel JOY when my finances or my pants are tight. Or I’ve experienced failure or loss. Or when I have a giant under grounder on my chin that won’t give up the goods.

I don’t wanna hide, I wanna live! This is why I started the Word Up Club.

If you’re like me, then let’s be soul sisters. Let’s encourage each other while we learn essential lessons on how to step into big, great, exciting futures.

Just one teensy caveat … we have to be brave and do the work.

See you in the club,

So, How Much?


Your read that right, sister. I want the Word Up Club to be accessible to everyone. Our suggested donation is $19/mo. If you can’t afford this rate, you may select a price that fits your budget. No one will be turned away for inability to pay. Please contact us to see if you qualify for a free membership.


How can I afford to do this, you ask? Because I don’t want money to be a barrier to anyone getting their hands on the tools to live a wonderful life – nor inhibit them from joining a fabulous community where they can flourish and grow. I trust that those who are able to will pay more, which in turn provides for those who pay less. I’m not stressin’ about it one bit.


Here's what members are saying ...


for you

If after 1 month of engaging in the club, you don’t feel like it helped you step any closer into God’s vision for your life, included you in the sisterhood you hoped for, or helped guide you towards the next level in mind, body and spirit, I’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.

All I ask is that you reinvest in something that nourishes you, so that not only are you blessed, but you are a blessing to everyone around you

Suggested Donation

Per Month
  • Pay suggested donation or name your own price!
  • Recurring payment
  • Cancel anytime in just 2 clicks of your mouse
  • Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee​

Annual Membership

Per Year
  • Best Value!
  • Get 3 mo. free with annual subscription!
  • Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee​

Have Additional Questions?

Can I really pick my own price?

Yes! Our suggested donation of $19/mo is significantly less than a membership of this nature’s value in the market place (about $60/mo). However, we believe in the power of the Word Up Club to change lives so much, we won’t turn anyone away for inability to pay. You may choose to pay more or less than our suggested donation based your budget and heart.

Many members who find the group invaluable pay more, while others on a tight budget may choose to pay less. We trust that those who pay more will balance out those who pay less. We consider this group our ministry and service, so we’ve chosen to live on a faith model, not a business one.

No one will be turned away for inability to pay even $1. Simply contact us to see if you are eligible for a free membership.

Why not make it free?

Two reasons.

1- A group of this magnitude can be quite expensive. Labor, tech costs, fees, etc. means it must make some kind of income to function.

2 – Free groups attract people who are not committed, invested – or straight up just don’t care. As a result, you will find folks on the fringes becoming distractions, trolling the group, or using it for their own gain (i.e. spam). We treasure this group and our members too much to let that happen.

As we make an investment in you and in turn our members make an investment in themselves, wonderful things happen. We’re not messin’ with that mojo.

What is the Word Up Club?

The Word Up Club is an online subscription for women who believe every life needs a dream. We make it easy and fun to go next level in every area of your life. Every month you get tons of inspiring content, including various combinations of the following: workshops, devos, meditations, bonus courses, ebooks and fun stuff like Anna’s favorite recipes, meal plans and more. You can connect with a sisterhood in our private Facebook group and join me for live online trainings and hangouts every month.

Is this a Christian group?

No. You have to be a woman as this is a woman only membership, but you DO NOT have to be a Christian. However, Anna is a Christian woman whose faith has been instrumental in her life. Some coaching may be founded in biblical principles and assumes the listener is open minded and cool with it. If that makes you deeply uncomfortable, angry or annoyed – you won’t enjoy the group so you’ll wanna pass.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Annual Subscription

If you select the annual subscription and then decide the Word Up Club isn’t for you, you can cancel within 7 days of purchase through your account dashboard or by contacting us at through our Support Help (simply click the  yellow mail icon on the lower right hand side to support a ticket). Upon cancellation, you will be refunded the purchase price and your access to the Membership content and private Facebook group will be suspended.


Monthly Subscription

If you select the monthly subscription and decide the Word Up Club isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime through your account dashboard or by contacting us through our Support Help (simply click the  yellow mail icon on the lower right hand side to support a ticket). Canceling the Membership prevents your payment method from being charged in any future month. For instance, if you cancel anytime in January, you will not be charged in February. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from the Membership through the last day of the month in which you cancel.

How much of my time will this require each month?

That’s up completely up to you! Think of this as a tool, a gift – to help you grow and bloom in important areas of your life. If you miss a hang out or live or workshop, you can always go back and review the video at another time.  We also hang out and have watch parties throughout the month. Of course, you can download the podcasts on to your device and listen at your leisure. However, I encourage you to remember: There is a reason you’re interested in being here.


Joy = Progress.


I encourage you to take the leap and make a commitment to yourself to show up as much as you can. Also make a commitment not to stress if you get behind!

What if I get behind?

No big whoop, sister! It’ll be there waiting for you. You can go back to any audio lesson, podcast, online trainings, book club hangout, etc., at any time and listen/read/watch/practice whenever you want. The Word Up Club intentionally  gives you a flexible structure. There are no rigid rules. The Word Up Club is for you.